Samsung T450 2.1 Soundbar


Elevate your Sound Experience

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Elevate your sound experience.

Powerful bass

Experience deep rich bass with an included wireless subwoofer.

Richer sound

Optimized gaming sound. Now on tap

Game Mode

Plug in your console and get the amazing sound effects you expect, right away. The auto settings optimize your sound to the game you’re playing while cross-talk cancellation technology removes distracting sounds so you hear clear audio from the right direction to help you gain the advantage.

Optimized gaming sound. Now on tap

Optimized sound for various content

Smart Sound

The soundbar automatically analyzes your sound sources to optimize the audio track for your specific content.

One Remote Control

Simply control both soundbar and TV with your Samsung TV OneRemote control.

A world of sound with one remote

Wireless surround sound ready

Wirelessly connect to rear speakers for an enhanced cinematic sound experience.

More sound without the wire

* Samsung Wireless Rear Speaker Kit sold separately. (Accessory model: SWA-8500S). * The wireless module requires a power cord to function and speaker cables to connect to rear speakers.