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Large conferencing space

Conference Rooms

Ensure everyone can be seen and heard clearly with solutions for traditional conference rooms feature a front-of-room camera, touch controller, and add-ons to extend meeting capture deeper in the room.

Small conferencing space

Mobile Conferencing

Facilitate brainstorming and creative ideation across distributed teams with intuitive and interactive solutions built for open and dynamic spaces.

Meet your way

For video conferencing, our solutions work seamlessly with pre-configured and certified systems to deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, and Google Meet. These systems are specifically designed to enhance the remote collaboration experience, providing a user-friendly interface and a range of advanced features.

Our Solutions bring the power of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet into your conference rooms, enabling you to join meetings with just one touch. Integration allows you to display content, share documents, and collaborate in real-time, all from a dedicated system.

Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms and Google Meet, offer flexible solutions for video conferencing in any meeting space. These pre-configured systems provide high-quality audio and video, making it feel like you’re all in the same room. You can schedule, join, and manage meetings effortlessly, enhancing productivity and efficiency during virtual collaborations.

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Our specialists can help you create an interactive video conferencing solution that can meet your conferencing needs. Whether you have a dedicated conference room, need a mobile solution, or need to equip your employees while they’re on-the-go we can help!

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