Samsung Rollable Screen for Premiere Projector


  • Maximize your cinema experience with the automatic 120″ Rollable Screen – the perfect combination!

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The automatic 120″ Rollable Screen

An instant home theatre is just a button away.
The automatic Rollable Screen comes up when you turn on The Premiere.

The automatic 120” Rollable Screen

Leave The Wall Art

Don’t want to give up your wall space to a projector screen? Decorate your wall as you desire, and roll up the screen only when you’re viewing content.

Leave The Wall Art

Vivid and Clear Picture

Enjoy a clear picture with the Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) Screen.
Non-projector lights are rejected, so you can enjoy the picture as the director intended.

Vivid and Clear Picture


Easy Setup

No need for professional installation. Take the screen out of the box, plug it in, place the projector, and play. A home theatre experience has never been easier.

Feature / Design

Rollable Screen (Electric Tension Floor Screen)

Feature / Resolution


Feature / Material

Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR)

Feature / Housing Colour


Feature / Screen Colour

Dark Grey

Feature / View Area

120 inch (2,656 x 1,494 mm)

Feature / Viewing Angle


Compatibility / Compatible Model

The Premiere (LSP9 / LSP7)

Dimension / Overall Screen Height

1,884 mm

Dimension / Overall Product Housing Size (WxHxD)

2910 x 120 x 383 mm

Dimension / Package (WxHxD)

2970 x 200 x 450 mm

Weight / Product

34 kg

Weight / Package

36 kg

Accessory / User Manual


Accessory / Warranty

2 years


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